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CirclyApp helps you demonstrate complex topics in seconds.
Joyful circle based visuals outline the key thoughts, stay focused and keep your participants engaged.

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CirclyApp helps you teaching online with the same confidence as if everyone were in the same room

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circlyapp Drag-n-drop example board


Represent your key concept visually. Drag-n-drop your circles where you want


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Visual based real-time cooperation helps you in synchronous learning and effective communication

Pan &

Zoom feautre on CirclyApp


Our mouse wheel based zoom helps you to stay focused and overview your whole board easily


circly board named colors

Commit key concepts to your memory with colorful circle visuals


circly templates

Ready-made templates quickstart a board in 30 seconds


circly templates

Meaningful images make your virtual classroom experience unforgottable

Visual storytelling and real-time cooperation
for deeper understanding

Circlyapp facilitate joyful visual learning and teaching in various age groups with it's inspiring, customizable and friendly user-interface.
Kids in K-12, students in postsecondary education, educators, teachers, even parents use Circly with ease to learn and grow.
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Brain-Based Learning with a Brain-Based learning tool

We are passonate about studying how brains learn best.
We optimized our circle and drag-n-drop based graphic interface based on the latest neuroscience researches.

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Project-Based Learning from anywhere

PBL is more powerful with the right digital tool that lead you along your journey.
Designing a Project Plan, Creating a Schedule, Monitoring the Students and the Progress of the Project. Assessing the Outcome, Evaluating the Experience. Evertyhing is possible in one digital place.

Are you looking for inspiration to start?

Example Teaching Resources by our beloved CirclyApp Community

Remote lessons:
Character Map of Princess Ann - Audrey Hepburn - in Roman Holiday - Circly Board

Sketch up a Character Map of your favorite book or movie

Group activities:
Carrier tips
Carrier tips - Circly Board

Talk about future plans! Give personalised carrier tips to your students, prepare them for the challenges ahead.

Create learning groups
Chatch up with colleagues on CirclyApp

Brainstorm and catch-up with students or colleagues real-time or asynchronous.

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