Boost your productivity naturally with Circlyapp

Trendy & cool drag-and-drop based canvas perfectly fits to your task management needs.

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Circly is your best friend in task managment

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Alone or in a team Circly is the best online application to manage your personal or business tasks.
Circlyapp let you to manage your tasks in a natural way without long learning curve.

1 circle = 1 task

// frictionless sharing and collaboration

Just drag and drop your task as a circle to the Circly canvas. Customize and color the circles as you wish with one click.
Forget to write long, boring to-do lists forever.

task managment example with circly

1 hoop = 1 group

// nested lists/projects/boards - hypercircly

Circly lets you organize your tasks into groups. Prioritize, Group, categorize, organize as you like with hoops. Break down a big task into smaller ones or mark your tasks as to be done and already done simply with circles and hoops.

Prioritize with colors

Color the important task to stand out

Use the power of colors to sign the important or urgent item.

Prioritize your tasks with_colors on Circlyapp

Be present!

Focus only to your current task with zoom

Zoom in to focus on your things-to-do and not be bothered with anything else.
Zoom out to get an the overview about the remaining tasks that you need to manage.