A successful leader is in and out.

Be in and out visually with Circly.

Circly is your visual leadership coach

A great leader is a brilliant strategist. A great strategist can narrow the focus from the wide perpsective and can widen back to the large, long-term goals after beeing deeply in the particulars. This dynamic capability is the secret sauce of strategic thinking. A great leader is not only a master of this technic, but also able to influence others by promoting the message understandably and desirably.*

Circly facilitates visually to see multiple perspectives in once and be able to switch promtly between them.
A shared Circly board open the door to others to fully understand and adopt your message.

Zoom in and out

Do the right thing

Even the most expericenced leaders need to be nudged sometimes not staying stucked in one perspective. * Using Circly you visally trigger your brain to this context switching and you'll be never hemmed in one perspective over the other.

business model canvas example on the circly board

Zoom out

See the big picture

On a Circly board you can see the whole map in once by zooming out. This bird's eye level supports to overview your whole territory. In this mode you focus on your vision and never loose the larger principles.

Zoom out when you work on your company goals, sales strategy, describe long-term plans and creating roadmaps.

Zoom out together when run online planning sessions, remote all-hands meetings, present strategic plans or introduce your organisation. Export your board and upload to Confluence as visual documentation!

Zoom in

Focus on the details

You can zoom into any part of your Circly board to direct your entire focus on the choosen detail. This worm's eye mode encourage you to merit attention on small nuancies not to miss any opportunities or emerging threats. Take a closer look without missing the big picture.

Zoom in to review your current business lines, exemine a budget allocation or check the monthly workload of a specific department.

Zoom in together on remote status meetings, department sessions, when visualize and manage workloads or tasks. Export your board and upload to Jira as visual documentation!

Share your Board

Bring your vision to Life

Communicating through visuals takes your message +25.3% more effective. This is exactly what you want with a shared Circly board: turbocharge your message with viusals. Show visually your context switching dynamism. Do it real-time with your entire team!

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*Rosabeth Moss Kanter (2011). Managing Yourself: Zoom In, Zoom Out. Retrieved from: Harward Business Review